• Common Core Confusion?

    Project WET's Guide 2.0 activities are correlated to Common Core math and English language arts standards.

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  • Enabling Quality Water Education

    The world's water challenges grow every day. Effective water education helps ordinary people take meaningful action.

    Project WET's Mission

  • "Start With the Children"

    Project WET gives educators in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro new tools to help kids keep their watershed, and themselves, healthier.

    Start with the children: How water education can improve health and water quality in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

  • Water Awareness Leads to Action

    We teach people to understand and value water, promoting water conservation and protection for all.


  • Water Education Everywhere

    Water connects us, and with local partners in more than 60 countries, we are teaching the world about that connection.

    Project WET International

Project WET Foundation

We envision a world in which action-oriented education enables every child to understand and value water, ensuring a sustainable future.

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